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The Real-Life Inspiration for Games in Squid Game

Over the past few weeks, Squid Game from Netflix has stolen the attention of millions of viewers around the world. The deadly games in Squid Game have become the main attraction to this new Netflix series.

Because of that, the show becomes one of the most-watched series ever on Netflix. First released on September 17, 2021, the show has received critical acclaim from both the audience and reviewers.

The series itself tells a story about a group of 456 people from different backgrounds who will fight to the death to earn a ₩45.6 billion prize in a series of deadly games. What’s interesting is, the games that they must play are actually games that children play!

Even more interesting is the fact that these games actually exist in our real life as well. For that reason, we shall explain what these games are actually!

The Games in Squid Game

The robot doll in the Red Light, Green Light game (Wallpapersden)

So far, there are five games that players must play in Squid Game in order to survive and get the prize cash. Let’s see what these games are!

Red Light, Green Light

The first game sounds simple, but it is still very challenging! Basically, players are told to meet a person referred to as “It” at the end of a field. To meet “It”, they need to run as fast as possible.

If “It” yells “Red Light!”, the players must immediately stop running and moving. If the players fail to do so, they must return back to the start line.

Once “It” yells “Green Light!”, the players can continue running to meet “It”. Any player who reaches first place can become “It”, and the game can start over again.

Cutting Shapes

The second game involves players cutting a shape from dalgona, or Korean candy made from melted sugar and baking soda.

The shapes can either be a star, circle, umbrella, or triangle. Any player who breaks their shape cuts will immediately fail the game.

It turns out cutting shapes aren’t as simple as we think!

Tug of War

Have you ever heard of tug of war? This is the third game that players in Squid Game must play to survive!

Tug of War is also known as rope pulling. To play the game, there need to be two competing teams who will pull the rope.

With their strengths, both teams need to pull the rope in their directions to win the game.

Marble Game

Played in pairs, both players will compete against each other to get the most amount of marbles in the game.

Within 30 minutes, any player who manages to earn the most amount of marbles will automatically win.

Crossing the Bridge

The fifth game in this series might sound simple, isn’t it? However, much like other games in this series, it’s not as simple as it looks.

In this game, players are told to cross a two-panel bridge to win the game. The catch is, there is only one panel that’s strong enough to hold the players’ weight.

Because of that, players who are impatient might cross the weak panel and fail the game.

Vocabulary Corner

As usual, we will provide you with a vocabulary corner here in case there are some words you don’t understand!

Here it is:

Word/Sentence in EnglishMeaning in Indonesian
Critical acclaimPujian tinggi
For the sake of…Demi


While the games shown in Squid Game look complicated, their origins are actually more simple than we thought.

However, for the sake of drama, the games are dramatized so that the viewers can be interested in the series. Now, are you interested in watching the series?

If you are interested in learning English blogs as well from Engliven, here’s the blog that you can read. Happy reading and watching, everyone!

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Let’s Learn English With TV Series: Money Heist!

Let’s admit it: It can be very, VERY boring if we learn English only from doing lesson books and questions. While these learning materials are helpful, sometimes people just want variety. This variety means that people sometimes want to learn from something other than lesson books.

So, what can people do to be better in English with materials other than lesson books? Spoiler alert:


If you like playing video games, you can set the game’s language setting in English so you can be more familiar with English texts.

Do you like watching films instead? Then using English subtitles can help you to become more capable of reading English texts as well.

That means you can also learn English as fun as you can from TV series that you usually watch to spend your time.

Learn English Through Unique Vocabularies in Money Heist

Learn English from TV series, including Money Heist.
The famous Salvador Dali mask in Money Heist (The Indian Express)

Currently, one of the most famous TV series on Netflix is the Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). This series tells the story of bank robbers intending to steal millions of money from big banks in Spain.

For some of you, you might have never heard of several English vocabularies used in this series’ subtitles. Because of that, we can use this opportunity to learn English as much as we can.

Not to mention, you can also hear how people talk in the Spanish language in this TV series as well. By doing that, you can be more familiar when people talk in the Spanish language too!

So, what are the unique vocabularies that we can find in Money Heist?


Tokyo, the main character from Money Heist (Variety)

From the title of the TV series itself, we might have never heard before about the word “heist”. So basically, what does the word “heist” mean?

According to the dictionary, the word “heist” basically means robbery. However, there is a difference between the word heist and robbery, when you think about it.

From this source, robbery can mean the act of robbing or stealing something from someone. A heist, on the other hand, means stealing many precious items from banks or museums.

We can see the example in this series itself. In the series, we can see how the main characters are robbing money from a huge bank in Spain. This shows how a heist is different from your usual robbery.


The main characters with the money they stole (Film Daily)

No, we are not talking about mint candies right now. Instead, we are going to discuss the place the robbers steal from in this series.

In the series, we can see that the robbers are not actually trying to steal money from the bank. Instead, they are aiming for the money-minting facility in the bank. You might be wondering, what does the word “mint” mean in this context?

According to this entry, mint means making money or coins out of metal. This place can also print paper money that can be used for the national economy as well.

The reason why we are discussing the meaning of the word “mint” in this context is to make sure that we will not be mistaken if we talk about the facility that prints money or coins.


Learn English through the Professor's role in Money Heist.
The Professor, the mastermind of the entire heist (Looper)

Last but not least, let’s talk about the word that usually pops out from this series. And that is about the Professor’s role as the mastermind of the entire heist.

We might have heard about the word “mastermind” a lot before, but what does the word actually mean?

If you look at this explanation, the word means a person who engineers and plans an action with great intelligence. The meaning of this word is clearly shown in the Professor’s role in the series.

As the one who plans the heist, the Professor doesn’t come along with the others to rob the bank. Instead, he monitors and plans things through from his base of operations.


It is not every day we can learn something new from TV series such as Money Heist. However, we have already seen it ourselves that we can learn them from this article.

If you have a huge interest in learning English, we at Engliven provide a blog with educative and interesting articles for your enjoyment.

Happy reading and happy watching, everyone!

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Panduan, Tips dan Contoh Membuat Cover Letter

Cover letter yang benar pasti banyak dicari orang yang sedang ingin mendaftar magang atau melamar pekerjaan. Keduanya sama-sama penting untuk meningkatkan kemampuan kita sebagai lulusan universitas yang profesional. Belum lagi, kita pasti harus bekerja setelah lulus dari universitas, jadi kita perlu tahu cara mendaftar pekerjaan dengan benar.

Pada dasarnya, cover letter adalah surat lamaran kerja. Fungsi surat lamaran ini adalah untuk menarik perekrut magang atau kerja supaya mau menerima seorang pendaftar. Oleh sebab itu, mempunyai cover letter yang bagus sama pentingnya dengan membuat CV (curriculum vitae) yang bagus saat mendaftar kerja.

Program EOS Writegram dari Engliven (Sumber: Engliven)

Mampu menulis dalam bahasa Inggris juga diperlukan untuk membuat cover letter yang benar. Untuk itu, Engliven menyediakan kursus EOS WriteGram yang bisa kamu ikuti untuk meningkatkan kemampuan menulis bahasa Inggris kamu. Dengan berbagai paket belajar, kamu bisa memilih sendiri mana paket yang paling cocok buat kebutuhan kamu!

How to Write a Proper Cover Letter

Now that we have understood the definition of a cover letter, what can we do to write it? In this article, we will explain the ways to write an application letter. Afterward, we will show an example of the letter so that you can understand how it looks. As a result, we hope that you can make a good cover letter for yourself when you are considering applying for a job.

Pick the Correct Template for the Cover Letter

Pensive male customer looking away Free Photo
Thinking of the best choice (Source:

Making the first impression is very important. Because of that, you need to choose the correct template for your cover letter. Although you may have an impressive work record, it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t show it properly. Luckily, the internet provides a lot of websites that provide cover letter templates that you can use. As a result, recruiters can be immediately interested in your letter because you have used the correct template!

Make a Good Header

Cropped view of hands typing on laptop Free Photo
Typing in a laptop (Source:

A letter header provides quick information about yourself. By having a good header, recruiters can have a first look at your identity. Some things that you must put in the header consist of:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Date
  • Name of the hiring manager
  • Name of the company you’re applying to

You need to remember that you should only use a formal e-mail address. The reason is that if you use an unprofessional e-mail, recruiters will not take you seriously. As a result, your application can be rejected right away just because you don’t use the correct e-mail address!

Write an Attention-Grabbing Introduction

Businessman talk in megaphone with exclamation point. draw attention, attention span and take note, requiring attention concept on white background. Free Vector
Gaining attention (Source:

The first impression also matters in this part. Recruiters can receive thousands of cover letters every day, so they don’t have time to check all of them. As a result, you should use an attention-grabbing introduction in your letter to gain their interest.

Here is an example of an eye-catching introduction:

Dear Thomas Raleigh,

My name is Malcolm and I’d like to help Robotica Inc. hit and exceed its sales goals as a Sales Manager. I have worked with Company A, a technology company, for 5+ years. As a Sales Representative, I generated an average of $50,000+ in sales per month (beating the KPIs by around 45%). I believe that my previous industry experience, as well as excellence in sales, makes me the right candidate for the job.

From this example, recruiters can immediately recognize Malcolm’s previous achievements. They can see how Malcolm managed to achieve great results in his previous company. As a result, the recruiters can choose Malcolm from this introduction because he made a good introduction in his letter.

Explain Why You’re the Perfect Choice for the Job

Business, job interview concept. Free Photo
Providing explanation (Source:

Relating to the previous part, Malcolm has explained his previous achievements. However, this alone is not enough. Both Malcolm and you still have to explain why you or he is the right choice for the company. To do that, you need to understand first the requirements of the company.

For example, BC Company opens the job position of a copywriter. The position requires the applicants to be experienced in some things, such as:

  • Prior experience as a copywriter
  • Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills
  • Experience and knowledge about SEO
  • Experience of professional content writing

In order to be accepted, you need to explain your previous experience as a copywriter. By properly elaborating your experience, recruiters can be convinced that you’re the first choice for their job position. As a result, your chance to be accepted in the job can be increased.

Use a Proper Finishing Section

Completed concept illustration Free Vector
Finishing a letter (Source:

Be sure to finish the letter properly! In the finishing remarks, you can write the conclusion of your letter and add additional information. The additional information can consist of things that can help recruiters to make their decision. Moreover, you should thank the recruiter as well as a sign of courtesy.

Here is an example of a proper finishing remark:

So to finish this letter, thank you for looking into my application. I hope I can help Robotica Inc. make the most out of its Instagram marketing initiatives. I’d love to further discuss how my previous success at Company A. can help you achieve your Instagram marketing goals.

Best Regards,


With this example of a finishing remark, we can see how Malcolm is willing to give some more explanation about his past experience. Since the cover letter cannot contain all of the information, he’d like to explain it personally. Because of this, Malcolm is going to give free time to the recruiters to explain more about his work experience.

Example of a Cover Letter

Example of a cover letter (Source:

The image above illustrates an example of a proper cover letter. As a university graduate, George Sunderland expects to fill a job vacancy as a Marketing Manager in Raytheon. Because of that, George makes a cover letter to Raytheon to express his interest in working with Raytheon as a Marketing Manager.

To explain his strengths, George emphasizes several important things. These things consist of his language, communication, and marketing skills. These skills are very important because the job vacancy demands a Marketing Manager to be skilled at those skills. Feeling that he is the perfect candidate for the job vacancy, George writes this letter to Raytheon and expects to explain his skills and abilities to the recruiter.

Vocabulary Corner

From the explanation above, we can see ways to make a proper cover letter. By knowing the right ways, we hope that you know what to do when you are considering applying for a job. When you read the explanation, did you find any difficult words? If so, we have a table that contains certain words and their definitions in Indonesian.

English WordsArti dalam Bahasa Indonesia
First impressionKesan pertama
HeaderBagian atas suatu surat
Attention-grabbingMenangkap perhatian
KPI (Key Performance Indicator)Indikator kinerja utama
Finishing remarkKomentar akhir
ApplicationLamaran kerja

By knowing the right ways to make a good cover letter, you’ll have a greater possibility to be accepted into a job. If you are still curious about articles that can train your English abilities, Engliven has a blog for your reading materials. Happy reading and enjoy your day!

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Tradisi Unik Tahun Baru Imlek di Indonesia 2021

Setiap tahunnya, Tahun Baru Tiongkok (disebut sebagai Chinese New Year dalam bahasa Inggris) selalu dirayakan dengan meriah di Indonesia. Tradisi ini dikenal oleh semua orang sebagai Tahun Baru Imlek, di mana orang-orang keturunan Tionghoa merayakan perayaan hari besar yang paling penting bagi mereka. Oleh sebab itu, tradisi yang seringkali dilakukan oleh orang-orang Tionghoa di berbagai tempat di Indonesia memiliki kesamaan.

Biasanya, Tahun Baru Imlek sering dirayakan dengan parade besar-besaran dan pesta kembang api. Namun, karena pandemi COVID-19 sedang berlangsung, banyak dari tradisi yang ada harus disesuaikan untuk menjamin kesehatan semua orang. Lagipula, kita harus mengutamakan kesehatan kita terlebih dulu supaya tidak merugikan orang lain, ya ‘kan?

Imlek Traditions in Indonesia in 2021

From the previous short explanation, we can see how certain Imlek traditions must adapt themselves to the current pandemic. Gathering in mass family gatherings can be very dangerous, from increased exposure to ailments to breaking the social distancing law. As a result, we should adapt common Imlek traditions in the year 2021 so that everyone can celebrate Imlek in safety.

Furthermore, the purpose of adapting these traditions is to ensure our health and well-being during this pandemic. While maintaining our health is a priority, we can still celebrate this event in safety. As a result, we can learn how to celebrate this tradition in challenging situations.

Now, without further ado, here are some Imlek traditions that we can do safely!

Angpau Tradition

Angpau in Imlek (Source:

One of the most famous Imlek tradition is angpau, which is giving money in red paper envelopes. Usually, older members of a family will give angpau to the young ones as a sign of present or gift to them. Angpau itself symbolizes good fortune and joy. Because of that, married families give angpau to others as a sign of hoping for good fortune. Furthermore, people who have no stable jobs can also have angpau as a sign of charity.

However, people usually give angpau directly to other people. To decrease the infection numbers of COVID-19 infectees, adaptations must be done. As a result, some people are thinking of new ways to give angpau. As an alternative, older people can give the money through money transfer in the bank, as seen here. By doing this, they can still hope for good fortune for others while maintaining social distancing. As a result, people can continue the tradition in the safety of social distancing.

Family Feast During Imlek

The feast during Imlek (Source:

Apart from giving angpau, the family feast is one of the most famous Imlek traditions in Indonesia. Chinese Indonesians do family feasts during Imlek as a sign of respect and gratitude for the ancestors. By having family feasts, Chinese Indonesians hope that they can share their joy and fortune with the ancestors. In these feasts, nian gao (or kue keranjang/kue bakul in Indonesian) is a staple for Chinese Indonesians during Imlek celebrations. Furthermore, Chinese Indonesians also enjoy a lot of traditional cuisine dishes such as longevity noodles and yusheng (a vegetable dish).

To adapt this tradition into the ongoing pandemic, you should only celebrate the family feast with your core family members. As a result, you can celebrate Imlek with your loved ones while still doing social distancing. Moreover, you can use applications such as Zoom or Google Meet to have family feasts with the extended family members, too!

Cleaning the House Before Imlek

Cleaning the house before Imlek (Source:

Cleanliness has a unique meaning during the Imlek celebration. Chinese Indonesian traditions believe that cleaning the house before Imlek can invite fortune and happiness to people’s houses. On the contrary, cleaning the house during Imlek will instead wipe away all of these gifts from the house.

As a result, people believe this tradition very much. Similarly, cleaning your house can also increase the cleanliness of your house. In this regard, you can maintain your family’s health by cleaning the house at the right time.

Red-Colored House Decorations

Red Imlek lanterns (Source:

One thing that people will always remember about Imlek traditions is the color red. Traditionally, the red color symbolizes fortune in Chinese traditions. In the legends, the red color is a color that Nian (a human-eating giant) fears the most. As a result, using red color in house decorations by Chinese Indonesians is seen as preventing bad things from happening in the New Year.

Furthermore, people can hope for good things by decorating their houses in red color during Imlek. Hopefully, by using these red-colored decorations, things can be better and hopeful in this New Year and beyond. As a result, you too can be more motivated to face the New Year with your loved ones, too.

Family Gatherings During Imlek

Family gathering during Imlek (Source:

During Imlek, Chinese Indonesians will have family gatherings to meet relatives that they haven’t met for a long time. The essence of these family gatherings is to increase the sense of kinship between extended family members. To do this, the families will come back to their hometowns to visit their family members there during Imlek.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it hard for families to do family gatherings. Direct family gatherings are not encouraged as they can increase the virus’ infection rate. As an alternative, doing video calls can be a way out for families to do family gatherings. By doing this, you can ensure your family’s health and safety while exchanging delightful news with the extended family, too!

Vocabularies Corner

From the explanation above, we can see how people can adapt Imlek traditions to the ongoing pandemic. Because of that, we can understand why we should adapt to these traditions to ensure our health and well-being. When reading, have you discovered difficult words that you have not seen before? If so, check this table below.

English WordsArti dalam Bahasa Indonesia
ExposurePemaparan/terpapar sesuatu
InfecteeOrang yang terinfeksi suatu penyakit
FeastJamuan makan
Staple foodSuatu makanan yang sering dimakan
Extended familyKeluarga besar
LongevityPanjang umur
EssenceEsensi dari sesuatu

Finally, we have reached the end of this blog about Imlek traditions in Indonesia in the year 2021. Despite the obstacles, we all should hope and pray for the best for all of us to survive through this condition. Furthermore, if you’re still curious about our content, you can check this blog too. Happy Imlek to all of you who celebrate it!

Habit Hack

Lakukan Life Hack Pada Pola Hidupmu Dengan Habit Hack!

Semua orang pasti ingin punya pola hidup yang sehat supaya badan mereka bisa selalu sehat. Apalagi di masa pandemi COVID-19 seperti sekarang, banyak orang harus bekerja di rumah (work from home) supaya mereka aman dari penyebaran virus. Tapi karena itu, orang jadi tidak bisa banyak jalan-jalan keluar. Nah, habit hack adalah salah satu alternatif dari life hacks supaya orang bisa punya pola hidup sehat selama terus di rumah.

Pada dasarnya, habit hack adalah cara-cara buat kita supaya bisa menciptakan pola hidup dan perilaku yang baru dan beda dari perilaku kita sebelum ini. Biasanya, ini sedikit mirip dengan life hack, yaitu cara-cara tertentu untuk bisa memecahkan berbagai masalah kehidupan.

Program baru Engliven buat para followers (Sumber: Engliven)

Nah, kebetulan Engliven juga bisa mengajarkan habit hack dengan kelas-kelas yang ada di Engliven. Seperti gambar di atas, Engliven sedang mengadakan program baru seperti Sparkner, buat kamu-kamu yang ingin mencari partner biar bisa lancar bahasa Inggris. Hitungannya life hack juga, ya kan?

Oleh karena itu, istilah hack seringkali identik dengan bagaimana kita bisa memecahkan masalah-masalah dengan cara kreatif atau unik. Yuk, kita lihat cara supaya kita bisa mencoba habit hack dalam penjelasan bahasa Inggris berikut!

Identify Your Bad Habits

A man deep in his thought (Source: Freepik)

Before we can change our habits, we need to think about some things first. Is your habit good enough? Is your habit bad for your own health and safety? They may be simple questions, but they are important for you when you are trying to change your habits.

For example, have you done enough sports for yourself? Have you had healthy foods every day to balance your nutrition? If you think you haven’t done any of these, maybe you need to change your habits for real.

As a result, you need to think about which habits you need to change. You should never do habits that are not beneficial for your own goals. Therefore, by knowing which habits you have to change or not, you can start changing those bad habits for real! So, what can we do to change our old routine activities?

Hack Your Routine

Routine activities are things that we do every day routinely. Because we do them every day, it is now hardwired into our brain. This routine slowly becomes a schedule in your daily lives because you have to do that every day. As a result, finding new things to do can be quite hard for you.

For example, you’ve been used to not doing sports every day. Because of that, you get sick easily because your body is weak and never trained. Not to mention, an unhealthy diet makes your body easier to get sick because of your unhealthy daily habit.

Because of that habit, it can be difficult for you to change your routine after doing it for so long. To hack your routine, you can start doing new things instead of the things that you do every day. By doing these new things every day, you can start having a new habit from yourself. As a result, you are now closer to your goal to be a better person!

Find New Habits!

Finding new ideas (Source: Freepik)

After we identified our bad habits, we can start looking for some new hobbies. For example, aside from eating junk food every day, you can start eating healthy foods that are richer in vegetables. Because eating junk food every day is not good for you, you need to change into eating healthier foods.

To find new habits, you can read self-help books or the internet to look for tips. The internet is full of habit hack tips websites, such as this and this. Because of that, you have so many options for you in case you’re interested in finding new hobbies.

Moreover, you can start small when changing your habits. You don’t have to aim big in the first place to make sure that your new habit is successful. Doing it slowly as a routine can change your past bad habits. Moreover, you can probably have good new habits from doing that!

Self-Reward Yourself for Your New Habits

Working out for health (Source: Freepik)

Finding new habits is not good enough. If you don’t do it every day, it’s not going to be your new routine. As a result, you must commit yourself into doing these good new habits every day if you want to be a better person. If you don’t do it, it’s just going to be another unfulfilled promise. Moreover, you can’t be a better person if you don’t commit to those new habits.

For example, you’ve managed to start doing sport every day. Usually, you’re doing sports for 15 minutes. To increase your intensity, you can increase the time into 30 minutes. Moreover, you can use more sporting tools such as barbell and treadmill as your tools for doing sports.

Adapting these new habits can be difficult. Because temptations to return to your old habits are always there, it can be hard for you to do it. As a result, there are some things you can do to adapt to your new habits. Self-rewarding yourself after committing into new habits is a good way to make sure that you’ll like these habits. As a result, you’ll feel more rewarded if you can adapt to these new habits.

English Vocab Words

Bagaimana, apa kamu sudah belajar banyak soal habit hack dari penjelasan bahasa Inggris di atas? Nah, kami ada beberapa vocab bahasa Inggris kalau kamu masih penasaran apa artinya, Yuk, kita lihat!

English VocabsArti Dalam Bahasa Indonesia
Habit hackMengganti/memecahkan kebiasaan lama
For realSungguh-sungguh
Junk foodMakanan rendah gizi
Aim bigMemasang sasaran yang besar
Self-rewardPenghargaan untuk diri sendiri

Dengan begini, kita bisa memahami kiat-kiat untuk bisa melakukan habit hack untuk jadi manusia yang lebih baik. Apa kamu masih penasaran dengan bacaan menarik lain dari Engliven? Engliven punya blog dengan banyak artikel menarik buat kamu.

In the end, don’t forget to comment on the blog and happy reading, everyone!

Habit Hack What's On

Kehidupan New Normal COVID-19 – Apa Saja?

Pandemi virus corona yang lebih umum disebut sebagai COVID-19 masih terus berlanjut sampai sekarang. Setelah beberapa bulan, banyak orang mulai mencoba gaya hidup baru untuk bisa beradaptasi dengan kondisi seperti ini. Sebelumnya, kita sudah membahas tentang penerapan new normal di Amerika Serikat dan curve flattening di Austria. Orang-orang pun harus beradaptasi dengan kehidupan new normal di masa-masa ini.

Consequently, new normal is ongoing in Indonesia as well. Nah, di Indonesia sendiri, mulai kapan masa new normal berlangsung? Sejak bulan Mei lalu, masa new normal mulai diberlakukan oleh pemerintah. As a result, many things that are done differently these days. Want to know more? Let’s find out!

New Health Protocols During New Normal

Berbelanja selama kehidupan new normal
Shopping during new normal (Source:

Ketika new normal mulai diterapkan di Indonesia, ada banyak yang berubah dari kehidupan kita yang sebelumnya. Much has changed, and we must comply with the rules to continue our usual business. Tentu saja tidak ada dari kita yang ingin jatuh sakit, ya kan? Because of this, we need to follow the new health protocols from the government.

So now, how do we define health protocols? Menurut kamus Merriam-Webster, protocol adalah sebuah peraturan resmi mengenai suatu topik atau hal. Selama wabah COVID-19, kalian pasti banyak mendengar kata ini, ya kan? Sederhananya, protokol adalah aturan resmi dari pihak berwenang yang perlu kita ikuti untuk menjaga ketertiban.

With that in mind, what are the new health protocols from the government? Seperti yang tercantum di website link ini, yang pasti harus kita lakukan adalah selalu memakai masker dan rajin cuci tangan. Ada bagusnya juga buat kita untuk selalu membawa hand sanitizer saat bepergian. Selain itu, kita perlu menjaga jarak kita (physical distancing) apabila sedang jalan-jalan ke luar juga. Of course, none of us want to get sick, right?

Jadi, kita tetap saja boleh pergi keluar rumah. Tapi ingat untuk selalu patuh dengan protokol kesehatan supaya tidak merugikan orang lain, ya! Mengikuti protokol-protokol kesehatan yang ada sangat penting buat kita supaya bisa tetap beraktivitas di masa new normal ini.

Long Distance Travels During New Normal

Bepergian selama kehidupan new normal
A woman is travelling by train (Source:

The current pandemic has essentially ceased many travel activities for many months. Supaya mencegah penularan yang semakin banyak, pemerintah berusaha menghentikan aktivitas pariwisata antar kota. Berhentinya aktivitas pariwisata ini ditandai dengan berkurangnya jumlah perjalanan kereta api dan pesawat. This means that transportation to different cities has to adapt during new normal as well.

Apa akibatnya? Pariwisata antar kota menjadi berkurang drastis karena peraturan baru ini. For some months, travel between cities has been difficult because of travel restrictions. Karena diberhentikannya pariwisata antar kota, aktivitas perjalanan kereta api dan pesawat menjadi berkurang. Belum lagi, peraturan pemerintah juga mempersulit orang-orang untuk bepergian keluar kota. Consequently, travel between cities has died down for some months.

Meski begitu, belakangan ini kereta api dan pesawat sudah diperbolehkan untuk beroperasi lagi. Sesuai berita ini, perjalanan keluar kota dengan pesawat dan kereta api sudah diperbolehkan lagi secara terbatas selama masa new normal . But this means that we need to follow the new travel regulations, too!

As a result, there are new regulations regarding travels. Kira-kira seperti apa syarat perjalanan yang baru selama masa new normal? Yang pasti, kita harus memiliki surat izin keluar masuk (SIKM) saat bepergian. Ini berguna supaya kita diperbolehkan untuk masuk atau keluar kota. Selain itu, kita juga harus memiliki surat keterangan uji tes PCR COVID-19 dengan hasil negatif setelah 7 hari. All of these papers are important if we want to travel during the ongoing pandemic.

Selain itu, kita perlu mengikuti syarat-syarat bepergian sesuai dari pemerintah dan layanan transportasi. Maskapai penerbangan juga menetapkan syarat-syarat serupa untuk perjalanan jarak jauh. Dan protokol-protokol kesehatan juga perlu kita ikuti semuanya. Consequently, we need to follow these protocols if we want to be healthy, okay?

Ordering Food Online More Than Before

Memesan makanan secara online dalam kehidupan new normal
A woman receiving food delivery (Source:

Health protocols have restricted us from going outside so many times. Demi menjaga kesehatan, banyak aktivitas ke luar rumah pun dibatasi di masa new normal ini. Restoran dan rumah makan pun juga mulai membatasi makan di tempat (dine-in eating). Jadi, apa akibatnya terhadap bisnis restoran? Consequently, dining businesses need to adapt as well.

Memesan makanan secara online (online food delivery) juga menjadi populer di masa new normal ini. Kita tidak perlu keluar rumah, kita hanya perlu memesan makanan lewat aplikasi dan semacamnya. Kalau tidak, kita bisa juga berbelanja online untuk membeli bahan makanan. Grab dan Gojek bisa menjadi alternatif buat memesan order makanan secara online. As a result, online food delivery is becoming more popular than ever.

Therefore, the new normal is not an excuse for you from not eating delicious food, right?

Online Activities During New Normal

Aktivitas online
Online education during new normal (Source:

Supaya COVID-19 tidak akan meningkat penularannya, sekarang banyak aktivitas sehari-hari juga berubah menjadi online. Consequently, we have to things differently in this new normal era. Mulai dari pengajaran sekolah hingga yang lainnya, semuanya beralih ke media online. As a result, it means that many of our daily activities are going online right now.

So, how do people do online activities right now? Di bidang pendidikan, banyak siswa sekarang mengandalkan internet atau TV untuk belajar. Contohnya, TVRI kini menyediakan streaming acara pendidikan supaya para siswa sekolah bisa tetap belajar. Selain itu, Google Classroom dan Zoom juga menjadi alternatif buat para siswa untuk menyimak penjelasan guru seperti di sekolah.

As a result, education is slowly being digitalized right now. Sekolah di masa ini semakin banyak menggunakan media elektronik untuk terus menjalankan pendidikan. Dengan sekolah dan universitas juga ditutup, pendidikan online kini merajai semua bentuk pendidikan. Consequently, we are now marching to newer forms of education platforms.

Aside from online school classes, bioskop juga bakal beralih ke media online sekarang ini. Sebagai alternatif pergi ke bioskop, sekarang ada bioskop online buat sebagai pengganti bioskop. Meskipun ada rencana buat membuka bioskop lagi pada 29 Juli nanti, ini masih menjadi alternatif terbaik. Selain itu, Netflix juga bisa menjadi alternatif karena ada banyak pilihan film yang bisa ditonton di sana. As a result, Netflix has become more popular as an alternative for cinema.

Vocabulary and Sentence Corner

English Words/SentenceBahasa Indonesia
ComplyMematuhi, mengikuti
DigitalizedPerubahan ke bentuk digital/elektronik
Curve flatteningMeratakan/melandaikan kurva
Marching toBergerak mengarah ke sesuatu

Questions List

Dari tabel kosa kata di atas, ada beberapa pertanyaan nih buat kalian juga:

  1. Make a sentence that uses the word “comply“!
  2. Make a sentence that uses the word “cease“!

Bagaimana, apakah kalian belajar banyak hal baru tentang kehidupan selama new normal? Kalau kalian masih penasaran dengan konten lain dari kami, Engliven menyediakan berbagai artikel blog lain tentang belajar bahasa Inggris bersama Engliven. Happy reading and don’t forget to answer the questions too, everyone!

Around the World English Reading What's On

Unique Ramadan Traditions from Around the World

Greetings, fellow learners! How have you been doing in the past few weeks? And for our Muslim learners, are you doing good with your fasting? Even within the current pandemic, Engliven will never stop cheering all of you in these difficult times. Therefore, we’d like to share some things to enrich your knowledge about unique Ramadan traditions from around the world!

That’s right, it’s about the holy month of Ramadan! Or more precisely, the unique Ramadan traditions that people have around the world. Well, since there are diverse Muslim societies around the world, they must have different traditions from one another. But what are they?

In Indonesia, date fruit and kolak (Indonesian dessert made of coconut sugar and coconut milk) are usually popular for iftar during Ramadan. But maybe, this is not the case in other countries. Let’s take a look at different and unique Ramadan traditions in no particular order below!

Ramadan Uniqueness in Turkey

Ramadan drummers in Turkey
The famous Ramadan drummers in Turkey (Source:

Firstly, let’s take a sneak peek at Turkey!

Turkey is famous for being one of the most notable Muslim countries in the world. With its prominent heritage from the Ottoman Empire, Turkish culture is closely related to the Islamic culture. Many Ramadan traditions that are unique in Turkey still persist to this day because of this, including sahoor!

So what is sahoor? It is the last meal that Muslims have before they start their fasting during the day. While sahoor itself is obliged for all Muslims, Turkey has a unique way to spice it up. Before sahoor starts, drummers will march in the streets to wake people up from their sleep!

This is a tradition which came from the era of the Ottoman Empire. Since there were no alarm clocks in that era, drummers were tasked to wake people up to do sahoor! It might have been shocking at first, but it feels unique, nonetheless. This is a creative tradition that Turkish Muslims still uphold with full pride today.

Mesmerizing Ramadan in Egypt

Egyptian fanous lamps during Ramadan
Egyptian fanous lamps during Ramadan (Source:

Now, let’s move up a bit to Egypt.

Egypt is a nation famous for its rich history. From the times of the Pharaohs, the Islamic caliphs to the modern era, Egypt resides as a culturally prominent country in the world. Because of this, the Islamic culture in Egypt still continues to inspire similar celebratory traditions of Ramadan in other countries as well.

Since Ramadan means a month of celebration for Muslims in Egypt, it is obvious that Ramadan traditions there are equally famous. Fanous, or Egyptian decorative lanterns, is one of the most famous Ramadan traditions in Egypt. Muslims have well-preserved this tradition since the times of the Fatimid Caliphate, where these lanterns are highly symbolic during Ramadan. For them, these lanterns symbolize the joy and cheerfulness of Muslims during Ramadan.

An antique cannon in Cairo
An antique cannon in Cairo (Source:

Another peculiar tradition in Egypt is the Ramadan cannon. This is unique because cannons (as most people know) are only allowed to be used by soldiers, so this is very unique in Egypt. Although there are many accounts about the origin of this tradition, there is one particularly-accepted origin. In 1465, the Egyptian Mamluk governor Khoshkhadam commenced a trial shot of a new cannon on the sunset of the first day of Ramadan. People around Cairo mistook the cannon’s sound as the sign of iftar time. Surprisingly, the people praised the governor for his accidental solution for iftar time, in a time where alarm clock hasn’t been invented.

Long Fasting Time in Russia

Young Russian Muslim children
Muslim Russian young children are having a feast (Source:

Next one is Russia!

Traditionally, Russia is a large country with so many ethnic groups, almost similar to Indonesia. From the Russian Orthodox Church to Islam, there are many religious groups in Russia as well. And compared to other countries, Russian Muslims usually fast longer than elsewhere. How could this be?

This is because of that the Ramadan schedule changes each year. Not to mention, a country’s location on our planet can also greatly affect the duration of fasting during Ramadan. If it’s summer in Northern Hemisphere countries (such as Russia and Scandinavian countries), Muslims will have to fast for about 12 until 20 hours, or more! Is it shocking? Well, Russian Muslims have the solution to deal with this, luckily.

Russian black rye bread
A plate of the Russian black rye bread (Source:

While there are numerous Muslim communities in Russia, there are several kinds of dishes that they usually eat during sahoor. One of the most indispensable food item for them is the famous Russian black bread. The main ingredient of this bread is rye, a type of wheat commonly consumed in Russia. This bread fills the stomach longer than your usual bread, so it’s really useful for Muslims in Russia to endure their fasting for the whole day!

Other than black bread, Muslims in Russia also eat and drink sweets from fresh or dried fruits. While they regularly eat meat and vegetables too, they need an additional energy source to sustain them during the day. Therefore, it is a common sight where Russian Muslims drink kvass (a Russian fermented drink from rye bread with fruit flavours) and many other sweets!

Ramadan Peculiarities in Japan

Muslims celebrating Eid Mubarak
A Muslim family celebrating Eid Mubarak in Tokyo (Source:

Last but not least, let’s talk about Japan too.

To be honest, Japan is not a country that is usually familiar with Islam and Muslims in general. Muslims in Japan are considered as a religious minority when compared to the more abundant Buddhists, Shinto worshippers, and Christians. But even so, this creates a unique way of adapting for Muslims who live in Japan. So how is Ramadan practiced in Japan?

Unlike in other countries, there are no large-scale Muslim communities in Japan. Muslims usually come from other countries to Japan either for education or work. Therefore, Muslims from these countries usually group with friends from their own country, although they usually try to share Ramadan happiness with everyone.

Muslims enjoying meals during iftar
Muslims are enjoying meals during iftar in a mosque (Source:

Since Japan usually does not decrease the working hour for Muslim employees during Ramadan, they have to adapt to this situation. But luckily, some companies can minimize their working hours to respect their employees’ needs. And because fasting in Japan during Ramadan can take up to 16 hours during summer, it is quite a challenge for Muslims who live there.

During iftar, Muslims usually come home earlier from work and break their fast in their homes or in the mosque. It is a common sight where Muslims in Japan open up food stands in community centres and mosques. There, Muslims and anyone else can try culinary delicacies to either break their fasting or just to try some tasty foreign cuisines!

Also, we’ve got a table of difficult vocabularies for all of you to enjoy below:

English VocabularyArti Dalam Bahasa Indonesia
accountsgambaran cerita
indispensabletidak bisa ditinggalkan, sangat diperlukan
abundantbanyak, melimpah
delicaciesmakanan lezat

Now then, have you enjoyed your reading about unique Ramadan traditions here? Can you mention or tell us about other unique Ramadan traditions both around you and around the world? Be sure to comment in the comments below and check other interesting articles from our blog!


Other than commenting about unique Ramadan traditions that you know, we’ve got a quiz in here too. Answer them in the comments below:

  1. What is “Lebaran” in English?
  2. What is “mudik” in English?
  3. Translate this phrase into English: Setiap setahun sekali, Tomo dan keluarganya mudik ke kampung halaman di Jogjakarta untuk menjenguk dan bersilaturahmi dengan keluarga besar mereka.
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10 Kosakata Bahasa Inggris tentang Virus Corona!

Dua orang sedang memakai masker untuk mencegah penyakit.
Dua orang sedang memakai masker untuk menjaga kesehatan.

Berita belakangan ini kayanya lagi rame dengan berita penyakit ya? Virus Corona (yang resminya disebut dengan COVID-19) tampaknya sedang membuat geger seluruh dunia karena semua orang bisa tertular olehnya. Belum lagi, ada banyak berita internasional yang memakai bermacam-macam kosakata untuk menjelaskan fenomena ini.

Oleh karena itu, Engliven pengen berbagi info seputar kosakata tentang penyakit yang bisa membantu kita tahu lebih banyak soal perkembangan berita!

  • Contracting disease

Nah, ini nih kosakata pertama yang berkaitan dengan penyakit! Contracting a virus di sini artinya adalah terjangkit virus tersebut, apalagi kalau virus itu mudah menular. Kosakata ini biasa dipakai di berita untuk menyebut orang-orang yang baru saja terjangkit oleh suatu penyakit.

  • Contagious

Berikutnya, contagious diartikan sebagai sesuatu yang menular. Dengan begitu, kosakata ini dipakai untuk menyebut suatu jenis penyakit yang mudah menular.

  • Symptom

Saat seseorang sedang sakit, pastinya dia mengalami gejala penyakit yang disebut sebagai symptom. Apabila terdapat kalimat seperti showing symptoms, maka orang itu sedang mengalami gejala tertentu yang berkaitan dengan penyakitnya.

  • Incubation

Sebelum sebuah penyakit menunjukkan gejalanya, terdapat proses incubation yang bisa diartikan ketika sebuah bakteri atau virus sedang mengalami peningkatan jumlahnya. Biasanya, inkubasi bisa terjadi beberapa hari sebelum gejala pertama terlihat.

  • Spike

Spike artinya adalah peningkatan jumlah, yang bisa diartikan sebagai peningkatan jumlah penderita suatu penyakit.

  • Pandemic

Pandemic bisa diartikan sebagai wabah penyakit, baik itu yang disebabkan oleh bakteri maupun virus. Oleh karena itu, kalian akan banyak menemukan kosakata ini saat membahas penyakit yang sedang mewabah.

Dan oh ya, mungkin kosakata ini suka tertukar dengan epidemic yang bermakna hampir mirip, tapi penggunaan kedua kosakata ini berbeda! Apabila epidemic dipakai untuk menyebut penyebaran virus di kawasan tertentu, maka pandemic dipakai untuk menyebut penyebaran yang sedang berskala global.

  • Suspension

Bagaimana caranya mencegah penularan penyakit? Salah satunya adalah dengan melakukan suspension of flights or travels! Ini dilakukan supaya penyebaran penyakit akan berkurang melalui penundaan izin bepergian.

  • Quarantine

Untuk mengamankan orang yang sedang sakit, dilakukanlah tindakan quarantine atau karantina! Ini dilakukan supaya orang-orang yang sedang sakit bisa dirawat dengan baik dan mencegah penularan penyakit.

  • Containment

Kalau sebuah penyakit sudah menyebar luas, makan tindakan containment (penahanan) harus dilakukan! Kalau tindakan ini tidak dilakukan, maka bisa saja penyakitnya menjadi semakin luas penularannya.

  • Vaccine

Tentu saja semua orang pasti ingin sembuh ketika sakit ya kan? Makanya, kata vaccine digunakan untuk menyebut vaksin yang digunakan untuk menyembuhkan orang dari suatu penyakit berbahaya!

Nah, biar kita lebih enak merangkum kosakata di atas, ayo kita lihat tabel di bawah ini dengan baik-baik!

Kosakata Bahasa InggrisArti dalam Bahasa Indonesia
Contracting diseaseTerjangkit oleh penyakit
ContagiousBersifat menular
SymptomGejala penyakit
IncubationMasa inkubasi sebelum gejala pertama
SpikePeningkatan jumlah
Pandemic / epidemicWabah penyakit (pandemic berskala global dan epidemic berskala regional)
SuspensionPenangguhan, penghentian
ContainmentPenahanan, penangkalan
VaccineVaksin penyakit

Di atas bisa kita lihat seperti apa saja kosakata yang banyak dipakai saat membahas berita tentang virus Corona. Nah, bagaimana kira-kira semua kosakata ini dipakai di dalam suatu tulisan? Ayo kita lihat di bawah ini:

Over the past few weeks, many people across the world have contracted the COVID-19 virus which is found to be quite contagious. Those who are already infected may display symptoms such as high fever, fatigue, nausea and diarrhea. And it usually takes about 5-14 days for the incubation to take place in an infected person.

Due to the high level of travels around the world, there was a spike of newly infected individuals. Also, there were fears that the virus might have been considered as a global pandemic due to its global spread. This led to a limited amount of travel suspensions and containment attempts to prevent more widespread distribution of the virus. And those who are infected must be quarantined accordingly to prevent the virus from spreading to other people.

Nonetheless, efforts have been made to develop a vaccine for the virus, and thousands of the infected individuals have been successfully healed from their condition.

Apakah kalian sudah bisa baca tulisan di atas dengan lancar? Kalau ada komentar dan pertanyaan soal, langsung komen aja di comment section bawah ya, teman-teman!

Bagaimana, apakah kalian sekarang sudah tahu lebih banyak soal kosakata tentang penyakit? Jangan lupa terus pantau berita terkini dan selalu kunjungi blog Engliven untuk konten lainnya!