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Why Engliven for Company Training? Business Leaders? Frontliners? Developers? Managers?

At Engliven, no one class is the same.

Enjoyable Learning Method

We teach 21st century learners in ways that work for them through videos, interactive quizzes, pronunciation coaches, and high-interest talks.

Transforming Culture

Our self-learning activities are designed to form learning habits to continue upskilling their English.


Our account manager will create tailored and targeted training that meet your needs and measure your progress.

Flexible Schedule At Ease

We provide flexible schedule that enables your team to stay productive and achieve more.

Our Training Courses

Speak To Spark

Program Speak To Spark bertujuan membangkitkan kepercayaan dirimu dengan peningkatan kemampuan sehingga kamu juga dapat  menginspirasi orang lain (spark the passion forward).

Di Speak to Spark kita akan lebih banyak speaking dalam roleplay yang santai namun tetap relevan serta melatih confidence, pronunciation, structure (grammar), dan pada akhirnya fluency dalam peer-to-peer conversation dengan orang lain ataupun presentasi.

English for Business Leaders

A strong thought leader is needed in a variety of different situations.

Seorang Business Leader tangguh memerlukan beragam kemampuan di berbagai situasi bisnis, terutama dalam komunikasi yang efektif. English training for leader mengasah basic structure, vocabulary, dan common business phrases yang banyak digunakan terutama di business meetings and presentations. Kemampuan Speaking dan Writing menjadi target skills yang dikembangkan untuk mencapai confidence yang dibutuhkan di era kompetitif ini.

Codeliven for IT Developers

Mengapa Developers juga perlu tingkatkan kemampuan Bahasa Inggrisnya? Begitu pesatnya perkembangan teknologi membuat seorang developer diwajibkan mampu terus belajar mandiri dari Internet. Hal ini yang menyebabkan kemampuan reading dan listening menjadi penting untuk meningkatkan daya serap pembelajaran.

Codeliven adalah pelatihan Bahasa Inggris dengan kurikulum khusus untuk membantu development team yang sudah menggunakan Agile Methodology untuk melatih kemampuan berbahasa Inggris dalam ritme kerja sehari-hari. Setiap pembelajaran dilakukan dalam 5 sesi scrum dan dapat dilakukan secara mandiri setiap harinya untuk melatih pembelajaran mandiri oleh para developers.

English for Specific Purposes

Setiap bidang bisnis memiliki visi dan skillsets nya masing-masing untuk memenuhi kebutuhan customer dan partners yang spesifik. Materi English for Specific Purposes kami dirancang khusus untuk team Anda di bidang-bidang:

  • Frontliners(Customer Care)
  • Hospitality
  • Banking and Finance
  • Auditing
  • Public Speaking
  • Information Technology
  • Emails & Business Writing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Aviation
  • Startups
  • Engineering & Technical

How It Works

Mentors help you learn the ropes in the long run.

Sparkner adalah program khusus yang dirancang oleh Engliven untuk kamu dapat bertemu dengan sparring partnermu dalam berbahasa Inggris. Team mentor Engliven akan membantumu menemukan metode belajar yang paling efektif untuk dirimu secara pribadi dari berbagai fitur berikut:

  • Live Mentoring Sessions
  • Member Activity Report
  • Self-learning Activities
  • NEW – Custom Assessment (for company only)

Companies Who Trust Us

What They Say About Engliven

Client Logo Culture Insights Specialist

Sesi CCU bersama Engliven sangat menyenangkan, selain mempelajari ways of working antara Indonesian dan expatriates, selama sesi juga banyak insight-insight yang didapatkan. Pengajar dan tim engliven juga sangat mengakomodasi sesi dengan baik. Overall it was a very great session!

Client Logo
MPM Bayer Indonesia

For all 30 meetings of Technical Writing class, the overall experience was really fun! We had a kind teacher who really strived for our learning and our improvement. The most exciting part is when we were practicing together on the teams word doc.

Client Logo
Benus Drojo Head of Household and Logistic, Ministry of State Secretariatof Republic of Indonesia

The Business English class has improved my conversation in English and I like the lessons for they are practical and relevant to our day-to-day work. With a good teaching method and experience, Ms Elisa successfully encouraged us to talk and discuss things in English

Client Logo
Peter Bedford Town Deliver Strategy

I’ve been working here in Indosat assessing many of their leaders and using Elisa’s services for translations for those people whose English is not perhaps as good as it could be. She’s developed great relationships with the individuals, and she’s been really engaged in the meetings that we’ve had and intuitively knows when to translate without being asked. She’s provided a great service which is been immensely helpful and helping these leaders to give their very best during the assessment process.

Client Logo
Kevin Sugiarto VP Business Development, PrivyID Jakarta

I joined the Pre-intermediate Class and found that Engliven has quite a unique way of teaching English. We were not only asked to speak English during the class but also in our daily communication with one another. I personally like how the teacher treats her students as friends and speaks casually to us. She didn’t even hesitate to directly correct my vocabulary and grammar while having a casual chit-chat. Overall, it makes learning English more fun and interesting. Good luck Engliven, I hope it will become a great English mentoring company in the future.

Client Logo
Merry Nurrani Human Capital Business Partner at

I joined this online Speak To Spark class after following her Instagram account @engliven. The teacher was able to explain English grammar in a simple way. She encouraged me to speak in English in the class. The subject is relevant to my career as a Human Capital Business Partner. I learnt a lot about professional terms, not only in HR area but also in marketing. She taught me patiently, and is always open for consultancy outside our online class 😁

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