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We Strive to improve your English writings, be it reports, slides, essays, CVs, emails, websites, or even social media captions!

Why Engliven

1. Quality Proofreading Services in Various Industries

Benus Dojo

Head of Household and Logistic, Ministry of State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia

On-Demand Translation

on-demand translation provided by Enlgiven was very good and even though it was translate from a spesific language in the Balinese traditions, Engliven could translate it well whitin the right context and delivered it before time so it could be used, and mass published soon. The translated description was used for our souvenirs for the guest who attended the annual meeting if IMF and World Bank 2018

Ivan Andhika

Co-Founder and CEO of

Copywriting and proofread

I can fully trust Engliven to proofread and improve our client’s web content as they happy with overall delivery and fast responses. What matters the most is Engliven successfully tells my client’s story and values.

2. Learn from the mistakes and improve your writings

when you submit yout writing, you can choose to educate other too by allowing us to show the corrected texts so everyone can learn from other’s mistakes

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