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Let’s Learn English With TV Series: Money Heist!

Let’s admit it: It can be very, VERY boring if we learn English only from doing lesson books and questions. While these learning materials are helpful, sometimes people just want variety. This variety means that people sometimes want to learn from something other than lesson books.

So, what can people do to be better in English with materials other than lesson books? Spoiler alert:


If you like playing video games, you can set the game’s language setting in English so you can be more familiar with English texts.

Do you like watching films instead? Then using English subtitles can help you to become more capable of reading English texts as well.

That means you can also learn English as fun as you can from TV series that you usually watch to spend your time.

Learn English Through Unique Vocabularies in Money Heist

Learn English from TV series, including Money Heist.
The famous Salvador Dali mask in Money Heist (The Indian Express)

Currently, one of the most famous TV series on Netflix is the Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). This series tells the story of bank robbers intending to steal millions of money from big banks in Spain.

For some of you, you might have never heard of several English vocabularies used in this series’ subtitles. Because of that, we can use this opportunity to learn English as much as we can.

Not to mention, you can also hear how people talk in the Spanish language in this TV series as well. By doing that, you can be more familiar when people talk in the Spanish language too!

So, what are the unique vocabularies that we can find in Money Heist?


Tokyo, the main character from Money Heist (Variety)

From the title of the TV series itself, we might have never heard before about the word “heist”. So basically, what does the word “heist” mean?

According to the dictionary, the word “heist” basically means robbery. However, there is a difference between the word heist and robbery, when you think about it.

From this source, robbery can mean the act of robbing or stealing something from someone. A heist, on the other hand, means stealing many precious items from banks or museums.

We can see the example in this series itself. In the series, we can see how the main characters are robbing money from a huge bank in Spain. This shows how a heist is different from your usual robbery.


The main characters with the money they stole (Film Daily)

No, we are not talking about mint candies right now. Instead, we are going to discuss the place the robbers steal from in this series.

In the series, we can see that the robbers are not actually trying to steal money from the bank. Instead, they are aiming for the money-minting facility in the bank. You might be wondering, what does the word “mint” mean in this context?

According to this entry, mint means making money or coins out of metal. This place can also print paper money that can be used for the national economy as well.

The reason why we are discussing the meaning of the word “mint” in this context is to make sure that we will not be mistaken if we talk about the facility that prints money or coins.


Learn English through the Professor's role in Money Heist.
The Professor, the mastermind of the entire heist (Looper)

Last but not least, let’s talk about the word that usually pops out from this series. And that is about the Professor’s role as the mastermind of the entire heist.

We might have heard about the word “mastermind” a lot before, but what does the word actually mean?

If you look at this explanation, the word means a person who engineers and plans an action with great intelligence. The meaning of this word is clearly shown in the Professor’s role in the series.

As the one who plans the heist, the Professor doesn’t come along with the others to rob the bank. Instead, he monitors and plans things through from his base of operations.


It is not every day we can learn something new from TV series such as Money Heist. However, we have already seen it ourselves that we can learn them from this article.

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Happy reading and happy watching, everyone!